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Phoenix 1 

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Phoenix PB-11

 Phoenix sound has a PB-9 board that is designed for track power with onboard battery that is charged by track power. The complete kit comes with speaker, volume control, computer interface, reed switches and instructions. It features a 6 volt battery included that is charged while running your locomotive and has 8 different sounds. Visit the web site for a list of available sounds.

Phoenix 1

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Phoenix P-5/P-8

This the newest board introduced by Phoenix for the DCC users. It will run off any decoders including CVP Airwire 900 and give 12 different sounds available from the DCC controller. The complete kit has a speaker, computer interface, volume control and reed switch. Visit the web site for a list of available sounds

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$ 130.00    

Phoenix P-14

     We at Phoenix Sound Systems are excited to introduce the Big Sound™ P14 sound board: our smallest board to date, measuring 1.65" x 0.63" [42mm x 16mm]. Designed for O scale and On30 locomotives that run on conventional DCC or battery powered DCC Remote Control. The P14 is a DCC compliant sound decoder with a single trigger input for chuff synchronization if you prefer that to speed by DCC.
     The Big Sound™ P14 is fully programmable with the Phoenix USB Computer Interface package, allowing full use of our sound library of over 80 different locomotives and railcar's.


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TCS WOW sound and parts

The new 5 amp decoder sound decoder is available ($154.50) now as are the VR 1.5 voltage regulators ($12.00) for constant light bulbs or LEDs. The KA-1 is a currant keeper ($11.00) available is 1 and 2 AMP versions.                    


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 Tsunami Eco 400 And Tsunami 2

Soundtraxx of Durango Colorado has several systems available for the modeler in all scales. The Eco comes in a 4 Amp version down to 1 Amp is a DCC decoder for use in On3/30 up to F scale.                            

 Llagas Creek Sound

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 Llagas Creek Sound System

 Llagas Creek has a sound kit available for steam locomotives. It comes with a speaker, battery power to operate the sound and reed switches for the bell and whistle. This is a very inexpensive way to get sound in a locomotive.