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 AMS D&RGW/RGS Short Cabooses

 New release from Accucraft is the Rio Grande and RGS short cabooses in On3/30 The caboose models is styrene with full under body detail, wood sides  and couplers. Numbers are RGS #0401 MR #0528, FG #0524,0500,0501 and FG Green #0579. The 3% ($2.40) discount for cash or check does apply. 

 on3 D&RGW box 1

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 D&RGW ON3/30 RGS and C&S boxcar by AMS

The new AML line of On3 and On30 RTR car. I have D&RGW Box cars in stock as of February 2009 and the 3% for check does apply. $160.00 Per case                                  



plymouth 3 

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 AMS On3/30 Plymouth Diesel

AMS is releasing its first locomotive for the O scale market the Plymouth industrial switcher. The are brass models with 12 volt motors and need a whole 6" radius for turning. You can order either the On3 AM55-011 or the On30 AM55-013. 3% ($10.50) discount for cash or check.


 AMS flat 1

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  AMS 30' Flat Car in On3/30

This is a red D&RGW 30' flat car in On3/On30 released from Accucraft. It is as nice ready to run car with all the detail you expect from a plastic car, It roles very well and has full under body detail. $140.00 for a case of four or 37.00 each. The 3% ($1.00) discount for check does apply.                                                                                                

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SJCO Coach parts and Kits

Here is a scratch builders or kit basher's delight. Sides, roof, both duck bill and J&S, and ends for a On3/30 passenger car. Prices differ on the parts, all parts are plastic, and are in stock.  New for SJCO is the 40' flat car 6500 series available in kit form for $49.00  The 3% discount for check does apply.          

drop bottom 4 

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  SJCO Drop Bottom in On3/30

The second run of D&RGW Drop Bottomhas been released from San Juan Car Company,the first run sold out so its nice to get them back in stock. Both Flying Grande and Moffit Route 700 and 800 are availablein On3 and 30 The 3% ($2.40)discount for check does apply. In Stock 12/16                                       


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  SJCO tank cars On3/30

This is the third tank car released from San Juan. It is as nice as the Gramps car and now comes with two sets of wheels available in Narrow frame or frameless, On3 and 30. The 3% ($2.55)discount for check does apply.                                                                                              


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 O scale Building and detail Parts                 

   I now carry the Branch Line Products of lazer art kits, Atlas and Woodland Scenics and San Juan Decals buildings. I have the first two buildings in stock along with window shades and roof shingles. Prices vary per product. The 3% discount does apply.                       

 Converter 1

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  CVP Airwire Converter for small scales

 New for 2013 is the Converter R and converter X for smaller scales. The difference between the R and X is a $5.00 external antenna. This is a new way to battery power a locomotive or what ever using anyone's DCC decoder and CVP Airwire 900 transmitters. You now can run  locomotives on anyone's track or even the floor.  I have been using small 750 Mi Amp batteries for the RS-1, GP-9 and SW-8 locomotives. I use the larger 3000 Mi Amp battery for just about everything else. All Voltages are 11.1 and the batteries are Li Ion. The 3% discount for ($3.00) check or cash does apply.