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 Accucraft C-19 #346

I can't say I've ever seen a better preserved locomotive. It is new, never run in original box. This is the Museum edition, a rare model. It is post wreck as restored by Bob Richardson of the Colorado Railroad Museum with fluted domes and Flying Grande on the tender as is running today. The 3% ($75.00)for cash or check does apply.     


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 Accucraft K-28 #478

A new never run in original box Brass D&RGW K-28. It is a very rare model available and the second one I've had this year. The 3% ($120.00)for cash or check does apply.                                                                                                   


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Accucraft RGS C-19 #40 and 41

 This started life as a D&RGW C-19 and was converted to RGS #40. Fluted domes, headlight, air compressor, running boards tender and weathered. This model does not have much running time, and in excellent shape. It comes in the original box, Phoenix Sound P-8 Airwire DCC G-2 and 18.5 Li Ion battery. The 3% for checks ($60.00) or cash does apply. In stock as of 01/17.


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Berlyn RGS T-19 #25

 Rio Grande Southern bought 3 T-19's from the F&CC when it went in receivership. Over the years they cannibalized the #22 and #25 for parts to keep #20 The BLW model has roller bearing trucks on the tender, sand dome opening marker lights opening tool box lids opening etc. The engineer is missing and two of the journal box lids.  It comes in the original box, Phoenix Sound P-5 Airwire DCC G-2 and 14.8 Li Ion battery and speaker in the boiler. The 3% for checks ($60.00) or cash does apply. In stock as of 01/17.

 bear 2

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 Mo Lo Co Bear

This is the second locomotive release from Missouri Locomotive Company, the Bear located in Eureka CA. It also has the detail like the first locomotive and runs very well. The 3% ($24.00)for cash or check does apply.                                                                                                   


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 Bachmann 2-8-0

Two new never run locomotive with original boxes Both locomotive have the gears replaced as is a must with Bachmann and the #5 have a replaces headlight and K-27 Pilot. Both locomotive are track powered, no sound The 3% for checks or cast ($12.00) does apply.                   

Ruby 1 8

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Accucraft Ruby 1 in LS

This little 0-4-0 model is an import in F scale and is available as live steam. It has a removable cab, wood end beams and removable domes.. 3% ($12.66)off for cash or check. Also available is a Ruby 2 with pressure gauge.  The small tender is available separately for 153.00.                   


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Accucraft Ruby 3 Ida in LS

 Accucraft newest live steam is a beautiful little 0-4-0 with removable cab. It is all brass and stainless steel, with link and pin couplers and wooden pilot beams. This is listed as Ruby #3 part. 3% ($15.00)discount for cash or check

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Accucraft Plymouth Diesel

This second release is a large 1-20 scale Plymouth diesel with chain drive. It has an opening window and some unbelievable detail, including cab detail for so small a model. This locomotive has DCC Tsunami Sound, 14.8 Li Ion battery Airwire DCC and weathering.  The 3% discount for check ($21.00) or cash does apply. In stock new for $618.00.

porter 3 

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Accucraft 0-4-0 Porter

 This Accucraft 1-20.3, release due in August of 2003, is the production 0-4-0 Porter in brass. It features sprung wheels, cab interior, full under body details and operating headlights.3% off for cash ($18.00) or check.  In stock new for $515.00.                                                                                                                       

 american 4

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Accucraft 4-4-0 American in LS

 Accucraft will release the ambiguous American this year for both Live Stream and Electric in 1-20.3 scale. It will be available is black, South Pacific Coast red and green, Nevada County Narrow Gauge Grass Valley and D&RG brown. This locomotive was probably the most used of any on all railroads in the US and will be very popular. Normal price is 2,400.00 D&RG available and the 3% discount does apply.                  

 rudy 5 3

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Accucraft Ruby #5 0-4-0  

Number 5 in the series of Live Steam 0-4-0’s is the Ruby 5 with pressure Gauge. It is an ideal Live Steam locomotive to learn with. Available in black or black. The 3% discount does apply for check or cash                      


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Mo Lo Co Betsy

 This is the third little 0-4-0 locomotive from the boys in Missouri. It is quit the unusual locomotive a saddle tank with a large stack. As you can see the working gears under the engine will make it a rather unusual  logging loco. The 3% discount does apply for checks.


 whitcomb 1

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Whitcomb 45 ton Side Rod Diesel

Accucraft newest locomotive is the Whitcomp side rod diesel in brass. They come in yellow, green, gray, blue and will make a great locomotive for people with small railroad or tight curves. The 3% discount ($27.00) does apply for checks.  

iuki 6 

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Accucraft LS IUKI

This all Live Steam 0-4-2 plantation locomotive with water site glass and pressure gauge. It works on 40 PSI with knuckle couplers. The prototype runs in Hawaii.  The 3% discount does apply for checks.