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 CVP Airwire 900 Battery Radio control

CVP has released is new Battery operated wireless DCC control for large scale railroaders. The Throttle or hand held control fits easily in your hand with a knob to adjust speed. The sound options are operated with the key pad and the result is for a very easy operation system and 900 MHz and long range. The receiver/ decoder has 10 amps of pulling power and takes up to 24 volts. The Transmitter costs are $156.00 for the T-5000 with a belt clip and $210.00 for the T 9000. The Receiver is $140.00 G-3 with External Antenna. One transmitter can run up to 9999 trains, more than most people have. The 3% discount for check or cash does apply.

 Converter 1

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 CVP Airwire Converter for small scales

 New for 2013 is the Converter R and converter X for smaller scales. The difference between the R and X is a $5.00 external antenna. This is a new way to battery power a locomotive or what ever using anyone's DCC decoder and CVP Airwire 900 transmitters. You now can run  locomotives on anyone's track or even the floor.  I have been using small 750 Mi Amp batteries for the RS-1, GP-9 and SW-8 locomotives. I use the larger 3000 Mi Amp battery for just about everything else. All Voltages are 11.1 and the batteries are Li Ion. The 3% discount for ($3.00) check or cash does apply.

loco 1 

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 Locolinc Radio control track and Battery

Loco Link is a radio control system to operate up to 32 locomotives. It consists of a receiver for each unit and one transmitter that can control up to 16 locomotives. It can be operated either track or battery power. You can MU or double head several locomotives at once. Sound systems can be remotely operated as well as turnouts. Transmitters cost $209.95 for 16 channels and receivers are $89.95 to $109.95 for 5 amp.

 nce 4

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 NCE Decoders Track power Decoders

North Coast Engineering has decoders available for many uses. I use the 4 Amp decoder for track power in my O scale locomotive with the Phoenix P-8 boards for the best sound available. These boards work well with CVP EZ DCC and are easy to install. The 3% for check or cash does apply.                       

 cvp EZ DCC 1

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CVP EZ DCC Systems Track Powered system

 CVP has a complete line of DCC power systems for track powered railroad and Airwire 900 for battery DCC. They come complete with a base power supply, 10 amp or 5 amp and walk around control. Check their web page for a complete listing of their products.

 log install 2

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Custom installation with Phoenix and Airwire

 Custom radio control using Airwire 900, Phoenix P-5, NiMh batteries. Installations can vary from 24 volts in the big Accucraft locomotives to 12 volts in LGB. Cost also vary per installation.                                       


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 Airwire 900 14.8V 6.8 and 3.4 Mi Amp Li Ion  

Airwire has release two batteries that will put in their drop in boards for USA and Bachmann. I also use them for any G scale installations and now they are have a 14.8 volt smart charger for use only on Li Ion batteries.