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 bender 3

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The Bender

 This is the new and very handy product brought to you by Andy Spiedel in California. It is made out of aluminum with bearing and will bend code 215.250 and 332 rail in the tie strips. The pictures show using it to bend 250 Nickel Silver Micro Engineering rail in about 5 minutes. It come with instructions for easy use and looks to be a great addition for make curves and now a High Rail 3 rail O scale version. The 3% discount does apply for checks or cash.     

 Otto 1

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 1-20 Figures

Their are several figures available including a (Gregory) goose drive and engineer and firemen. The individual figures are $10.00 and the Otto Mears is only $10.00                                                 


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Coastal Enterprises

 Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane  (PBLT) from Coastal Enterprises is a “closed cell” rigid polyurethane product made specifically for applications of up to 200° F continuous exposure.  PBLT High Density Urethane  is available in a wide range of standard sheet sizes and standard densities and can be cut or bonded into a variety of shapes for final machining or shaping. Their are 5 pieces in the box measuring  48"X10.5"X1/2. The 3% ($4.50) discount does apply

 motor 1

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 Pittman motors for K-27 and C-16

Accucraft has available the motors that are in the new K-28's and can be installed in the K-27's. The motors are the same size as the K-27 motors and use the existing motor mounts. What makes these motor run well is the 0-24 volts and the 38 to 1 gear ratio. If you need help replacing a K-27 motor and don’t want me to do it, call for instructions. I have a new replacement for the slow second run C class or the first run speed run C class locomotives. The C class I'm referring to are the C-16/ C&S with the 19 or 60-1 ratio motors. I have a 31.1 ratio replacement Pittman motor for 160.00 available. It will run faster that the second run of C class and still pull unlike the first run of C class locomotives. $160.00 per motor including your old motor. The 3% does apply for both motors.

 ams turnous 4

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AMS Turnouts

 The new AMS turnouts should be available in the fall of 2008. OK in February 2009 I have them available. And it looks like Accucraft locomotive will be able to use them. The frogs are deep for the G scale wheels and AMS wheels do drop and make noise but will work.                       

 llagas creek 4

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 Llagas Creek turnouts

Llagas Creek turnout and track are available in both Aluminum and Nickel Silver, code 215 and 250, standard gauge and narrow gauge. I usually have a stock of # 6 NSNG available in narrow gauge but the supply varies day to day. All track and ties need to be pre-ordered. The turnouts come with the ten mile ground throw installed.

 track 2

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 AMS code 250 and 332 brass track

Accucraft has introduced code 250 brass rail in both standard gauge and narrow gauge ties all gauge 1 or 45mm. It comes in boxes of 12 for 200.00 This is flex track with the ties already on has two rail joiners included and is 5' in length.. This seems like an inexpensive way to get into a more realistic rail for a small price. As of March 1st buy 4 boxes of 332 brass for 250.00 each and get one box free.

 track 2

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 Llagas Creek ties and rail

Llagas Creek supplies rail, turnouts and track accessories. They have rail in both aluminum and nickel silver, code 215 and 250. They have tie strips in 3 different scales,1-32, 1-22 and 1-20. They also have several different ground throws, frogs and points. They have a complete line of turnout kits and ready to use turnouts. Call or e-mail for prices.

 track 2

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 Micro Engineering Track

 Micro Engineering rail, ties and joiners are available in both Nickel Silver and aluminum, code 250 and 332. The rail come in 24 running feet as is the box of ties for NS. The AL come in 48 running feet and needs two boxes of ties. All the rail is 6’ long but Micro have pre-curved sections and small straight sections available. The rail and ties match the Llagas creek turnouts and works well together. The 3% discount does apply.

split jaw 2 

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 Split Jaw Rail Clamps

 I now carry the line of Split Jaw rail clamps. The ones I have in stock are for code 250 rail but I can order for the 332 high rail people. The 3% does apply.                                                                    


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 Aristo Craft Stainless Steel Code 332 Track

 I have a very large inventory of used Aristo Craft Track. It is mostly used, a little new, but not abused and does have joiners included. We call me for inventory items if you are looking for a particular item. 96", 60",78" 48" and 12" straight.  Cost is $5.00 a foot for the track. List is about $10.00 of foot.