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 ALM rail 1

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Accucraft 99" Aluminum Rail

Accucraft have rail available for the ride on locomotives that are for sale. It comes it 99" length with two holes drilled in one end for splice bars. It looks like it comes from China as one single length of 100" and is cut by Accucraft for shipping. This means you will need to drill one end if you use splice bars. available as a case of 14.


splice bars 1

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Accucraft Splice Bars for Aluminum rail

Accucraft also has the Rail Joiners available for their Aluminum rail. The splice bars come one set to a bag two Plates, beveled, and 4 screws with locking washers 7 MM and 25 to a bag.

plymouth 4

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Accucraft 2 1/2 " scale 7 1/2" Gauge Plymouth

Accucraft now has ready to run small Diesel locomotive available in Yellow or Green. It is a ride on, 24 Volt and will pull the Jackson and Sharp coaches. It comes with 1 1/2" scale couplers for smaller standard gauge cars. It can be shipped UPS freight. The Price does include the two 12 volt batteries.


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Accucraft J&S Coaches in Green or Gold 7 1/2"

Accucraft a one new car in 2 1/2" scale a Jackson and Sharp Coach. Its steel body, steel frame with wood sides. Will they do any freight cars?                                          

 coupler 2       

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Accucraft 2 1/2" scale knuckle couplers

 Accucraft scale 2 1/2" knuckle coupler available for true 2 1/2" scale cars. It looks like the Plymouth come with 1 1/2" scale couplers mounted to it to fit the smaller cars. You will need these to fit the larger narrow gauge cars.


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D&RGW Narrow Gauge Archbar Trucks

 This is a pair of trucks Cast 7 1/2" Gauge 2 1/2 Scale trucks. They do have roller bearings inside the frames. They would be ideal for scratch building a Narrow Gauge D&RGW or RGS freight car.